Active+ helps increase the confidence of people with long term conditions to monitor and manage their health using wearable technology. Health Innovation East has supported the roll out of the programme in our region and commissioned an evaluation of the service.

Active+me is a solution developed by Aseptika which empowers patients to take charge of their own recovery, providing them with standard cardiac rehabilitation care which includes guidance on safe exercise and education on risk factors and lifestyle changes, reinforced by educational resources on the Active+me platform.

In addition, patients are provided with medical monitors to take home and record progress such as activity levels, blood pressure, weight and oxygen saturation. The data from which are uploaded to an app and shared securely with the hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation team.

Cardiac recovery during COVID-19

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Aseptika adapted the programme to help patients keep up their exercise remotely and manage their recovery thanks to funding from Innovate UK and support from Health Innovation East.

This pathway was evaluated in a research paper published by BMC Health Services Research, part of Springer Nature.

The paper found that participation in standard cardiac rehabilitation, with Active+me, is associated with increased patient skill, knowledge, and confidence to manage their condition. Active+me may be an appropriate platform to support cardiac rehabilitation delivery when patients cannot be seen face-to-face.

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Active+me REMOTE

With funding from Innovate UK, Health Innovation East worked with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to pilot delivery of its cardiac rehab programme digitally using Active+me REMOTE. The platform combines exercise classes with monitors to record patients’ health metrics at home which are uploaded to an app and shared with their personal health coach. It aims to enable patients to exercise safely, monitor their own health and improve how they feel about being able to cope living with a heart condition.

In August 2022, Yorkshire & Humber AHSN worked with Aseptika to roll out Active+me REMOTE to help patients across the South Yorkshire Integrated Care System (ICS).

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