High-sensitivity troponin testing

Assisting the earlier diagnosis of heart attacks to ensure access to appropriate treatment and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions via a high-sensitivity troponin test that enables healthcare professionals to rule out cardiac arrest within four hours, if the test results are available within three hours of presentation.

The Roche Elecsys Troponin T-hs (TnT-hs) test supports a faster diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (MI or heart attack). Two blood tests are performed one or three hours apart compared to standard testing (10-12 hours apart). This supports an earlier detection of acute MI within four hours of presentation at the ED, as long as test results are rapidly available and a final clinical decision is based on multiple factors.

This improvement in time-to diagnosis enables a more efficient allocation of resources, by reducing the fines paid by trusts for delayed discharge from the ED and potentially by reducing unnecessary hospital admission. It also improves patient experience by reducing time-to-discharge and by targeting the right care to the true MI cases.

This programme was selected for adoption and spread through the the Health Innovation Network as part of the Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) programme with NHS England.

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Impact review

Find out more about our work to implement high-sensitivity troponin testing in the east in our latest impact review.

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There’s more information about the high-sensitivity troponin test on the the Health Innovation Network here.

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