MySpira is an app that uses augmented reality and gameplay to help children between the ages of 6–13 years learn about asthma and proper inhaler technique, to reduce the number of children admitted to hospitals for incorrect use of inhalers.

Asthma is the most common long term condition among children and young people[1], with 1.1 million children currently receiving asthma treatment[2]. It continues to be among the top 10 causes of emergency hospital admission for children and young people in the UK[3].

MySpira aims to teach children how to use their inhaler properly using gamification principles in teaching and behavioral change. Using a mobile device, a child takes 20 minutes to complete 8 fun, gamified chapters developed by healthcare professionals.

Meet Spira! An asthmatic alien from the planet Bronchia who needs your help! Like some asthmatic humans, he too has problems inhaling his medicine.

The app has been created by Orbital Media.

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