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Turning your research and expertise into reality is important to keep healthcare moving forwards.

Impact stories

Read these stories, which show how we are supporting the most promising innovations to benefit those who most need them.

DNA in genomic research

Gut reaction

Combining trusted research environments to enable the development of better, more personalised treatments

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Scientist in an Oncimmune laboratory

Detecting lung cancer earlier

Using EarlyCDT Lung to screen for cancer in primary care settings

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Older lady in a care home during COVID

Identifying deterioration remotely

Remote monitoring in care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Patient participatory appraisal healthy new town programme Northstowe WEB

Designing a healthy future with citizens at the heart

Ensuring a healthy new town has strong foundations based on patient insights

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ESCAPE-pain participant exercising with physiotherapist

The ESCAPE-pain programme

Delivering self-management exercise programmes to patients with osteoarthritis

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Child using VR headset

Reducing anxiety in children through virtual reality with Little Journey

The Little Journey smartphone app uses VR to help reduce anxiety in children getting ready for surgical procedures to familiarise themselves with the hospital.

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