female doctor using ipad 08th February, 2024

UK HealthTech Set to Benefit from Enhanced Trading Opportunities

Health Innovation East partner, ABHI, have announced their exclusive partnership with Informa Markets to elevate UK HealthTech.

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Person holds their phone in one had and a tool to breathe into in the other hand 30th January, 2024

A transformative remote monitoring journey

Ian’s 25-year struggle with asthma, which intensified over the last five years, serves as a reminder of the need for patient-focused care. Although he followed a rigorous management plan, his condition led to frequent and severe exacerbations. However, in January 2021, Ian’s healthcare narrative took a hopeful turn.

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Lady speaking to doctor via phone with remote monitoring equipment 24th January, 2024

Leveraging the power of remote monitoring

In the evolving landscape of healthcare innovation, the integration of patient experiences in the design of remote health-monitoring technologies is vital. Drawing on patient experiences not only enriches the technology but also empowers those whom the technologies serve.

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Lady stands in kitchen holding a phone with her heart rhythm displaying on the screen 24th January, 2024

Navigating new frontiers

The NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme (NIPP), a joint initiative of the Accelerated Access Collaborative, NHS England and the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration for the East of England, was designed to understand the impact of using remote monitoring (RM) technology, implemented in patient care, across Integrated Care Systems (ICS).

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Three wind turbines situated in the mid of the English countryside 16th November, 2023

What does the NHS have to do with climate change?

Rishav Ghosh, Business Analyst at Health Innovation East shares how we can support a healthier, sustainable future.

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Design approaches tools 13th November, 2023

Design Approaches to Improve Healthcare and Address Inequalities

Dr Laura Wareing, design researcher from Lancaster Medical School shared her work on the use of design approaches in health research projects with Health Innovation East. Laura shares some key insights and recommendations.

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