Our placements

Learn how we can give you a step-up in your career through our work placement opportunities.

Our placements provide real-world insight into innovation across health and care. You will gain valuable industry experience and build your network in preparation for your future career.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about innovation and transformation in healthcare, digital health and health informatics, the commercialisation of MedTech innovations as well as students who have a requirement to undertake service evaluation projects.

We understand that the needs and interests of students will vary which is why we offer a variety of placement opportunities.

These opportunities can be aligned to our health informatics, commercial or communications teams, or work closely with delivery team colleagues implementing or evaluating the impact of innovations and pathway changes. Previous placements have ranged from a two-week work experience and a six-week elective placement for medical students to a six-month secondment from industry and a year-long ‘sandwich’ placement.

I chose to complete a placement year with Health Innovation East to gain a broader understanding of what I wanted my future career to look like and to learn what work I enjoy the most.

My time with Health Innovation East has been incredibly insightful. Not only has my placement role refined my technical proficiency, but it has also provided me with an understanding of how organisations and people can effectively collaborate.

I’ve also been lucky enough to be part of an exceptional team. The communications team’s unwavering support and technical guidance has played a pivotal role in my growth at Health Innovation East, guiding me on effective communication with colleagues and partners. My placement year has not only enhanced my professional aptitude, but has also highlighted the significance of collaboration and the importance of trust within a supportive team and company environment.

Alex Mursell, Stakeholder and Engagement Officer Placement

Placement opportunities

We want to ensure you get the most out of your placement which is why we offer bespoke placements to meet your needs and the requirements of your course.

Our placement opportunities may include:

– Placement year: the equivalent of a year’s academic study, between 30-52 weeks carried out between the penultimate and final year of your undergraduate course.

– Termly placements: the equivalent to an academic term of 12-15 weeks which could be part-time or combined with academic studies

– Vacation placements/internships: short term placement taken during vacation time.

– Formal clinical placements: as part of professional training routes to qualification as a healthcare professional

Zinny - trainee clinical psychologist

“My placement experience exceeded every expectation. I was warmly welcomed from my very first day. People did not just talk about their work or my role but they were genuinely interested in hearing about me, understanding my values, thinking with me about projects I could get involved in, and sharing authentically about themselves too. This was a new and valuable experience for me.

“On a personal level, being on this non-clinical placement made a significant difference, allowing me the space to reflect on my work in new ways, without feeling the weight of clinical decision-making. I could think about the macro-level impact of the projects I was involved in, understanding that their success would make a real difference to many lives. Overall, I left this placement with a better understanding of the many options I have in future as a psychologist beyond the scope of what I had previously considered”

Zinny Obi Oriaku, Trainee Clinical Psychologist

We would love to support you with your career development. If you wish to join us on a placement, please email enquiries@healthinnovationeast.co.uk.

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