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Patient sits with Airglove - a inflatable sleeve designed to improve cannulation - on their arm,

Is a heated inflatable glove the solution to difficult cannulation?

Health Innovation East has supported pilots of Airglove™ to improve cannulation in the East of England.

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Male GP measures early man's blood pressure

Turning the tide on cardiovascular disease

Health Innovation East worked with Great Yarmouth & North Villages Primary Care Network (GYNV PCN) to optimise blood pressure treatment to prevent cardiovascular events.

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Cancer patient in hospital wearing a hospital gown with arm up in the air

Identifying a potentially life-threatening complication at home for cancer patients

Neutrocheck®, at-home finger-prick blood test, will help identify patients at risk of a potentially fatal side-effect of chemotherapy.

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Stethoscope placed on laptop keyboard.

Building a culture of innovation

Innovation Ambassadors, co-funded by Health Innovation East, have championed innovation at Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust.

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Green sprouting plant

Empowering clinicians to kick off their innovation journey

Working with Judge Business School to support clinical and allied health professional innovators

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DNA in genomic research

Gut reaction

Combining trusted research environments to enable the development of better, more personalised treatments

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Waiting room clinic management

Managing clinics more efficiently with DASHclinic

Using a digital tool to manage queues and patient flows in a hospital setting

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Creating a framework for evaluating innovative tools

Supporting Evaluation in the Regional Digital First Primary Care programme

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Scientist in an Oncimmune laboratory

Detecting lung cancer earlier

Using EarlyCDT Lung to screen for cancer in primary care settings

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Older lady in a care home during COVID

Identifying deterioration remotely

Remote monitoring in care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Medicines in medical fridge

Keeping it cool

Remote temperature monitoring with Invisible Systems

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Mobile phone using Skin Analytics to assess a skin lesion

Using teledermatology to improve skin cancer diagnosis referral

Assessing skin lesions with Skin Analytics teledermatology

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Clinician talking to paramedic stroke telemedicine partnership

Identifying stroke mimics through telemedicine

Linking paramedics directly to a stroke consultant.

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Just One Norfolk graphic

Just One Norfolk for families

24/7 health information support

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ESCAPE-pain participant exercising with physiotherapist

The ESCAPE-pain programme

Delivering self-management exercise programmes to patients with osteoarthritis

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Nurse using the Medic Bleep app to communicate

Medic Bleep

Improving operational efficiency through a staff communication app

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Pharmacy medicines optimisation EMOP

The Electronic Medicines Optimisation Pathway (EMOP)

Reducing medication errors through community pharmacy

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Reducing avoidable strokes across the east

Supporting best practice in the screening and treatment of atrial fibrillation

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