Health Innovation East launches ADHD Innovation Challenge in partnership with Takeda UK

Competition looking for digital innovations that could accelerate the future of personalised ADHD healthcare

Published: 14th September 2022

Accelerating personalised ADHD healthcare through innovation

Health Innovation East, Takeda UK Limited and The ADHD Foundation have launched a new innovation challenge to identify digital technologies that will benefit patients who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

ADHD is diagnosed through analysis of behaviour. Although no two people with ADHD are the same, they show a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with day-to-day functioning and/or development. However, not everyone with ADHD gets a diagnosis of the condition, which affects their chance of receiving treatment and support. Without treatment, ADHD can significantly impact personal development, academic outcomes, mental health, and relationships.

ADHD has been identified as a priority for Health Innovation East in recent years, particularly as an area in which waiting times could be reduced and services improved through innovation. We have been working to transform the diagnosis of the condition through a national adoption and spread programme – Focus ADHD – which uses an evidence-based digital assessment tool called QbTest.

Speaking of the challenge, Dr Louise Jopling, Commercial Director at Health Innovation East said: “At Health Innovation East we convene the right stakeholders across the health and innovation ecosystem to develop and deliver breakthrough products, processes and technologies to bring positive health impact to the population of the East of England. The commercial team are funded by the Office for Life Sciences to work at the interface between industry and the NHS ensuring the health and care needs of our region are matched with innovations capable of achieving transformational benefit to patients and economic growth. We have partnered with Takeda UK and The ADHD Foundation for this innovation challenge because it presents a great opportunity to identify digital solutions which could either help to increase recognition and diagnosis of ADHD or improve patient education, support and management in the UK. I am excited to see the innovations we unearth through this challenge.”

The winning team(s) will receive access to a dedicated point of contact at Takeda UK, with the potential for investment for product development in the UK. They will also gain access to mentoring and coaching from Takeda experts from cross-functional teams comprising medical , commercial and marketing capabilities to help bring their innovation to fruition.

Submissions are welcome from UK and international applicants before 23 October 2022.

Apply now.

What are we looking for?

Digital technologies that can be applied to:

Increasing ADHD recognition/diagnosis

ADHD is under recognised/under diagnosed across the UK in all age groups. Solutions could include building disease awareness, digital tools to support healthcare professionals with screening and assessment or facilitating expert consultation for clinical management, and/or personalised risk prediction.

Patient educational resources, support and monitoring

There is a lack of patient accessible support and monitoring, either face to face or online. This has been further disrupted with COVID 19, meaning that support and education programmes have either been cancelled or delayed. There is also a variation in services provided across the UK, with increased waiting lists to commence treatment plans.

The ADHD Innovation Challenge timeline

Q&A webinar 26-27 September, applications close 23 October, finalists announced 7 November

Get involved

To learn more about the innovation challenge and register for the Q&A webinars, visit the Takeda UK website.

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