Advancing innovation internationally

The impact of innovation can be maximised for our health by uniting individuals at the forefront of this field internationally.

We enable homegrown innovations to access global markets and boost their commercial opportunities. We also facilitate international companies accessing the UK health and care market, establishing themselves in the Eastern region and connecting with key stakeholders in the NHS.

Patients in both the UK and across the globe will benefit from a collaborative approach to provide life-changing innovations – bettering everyone’s health.

At Health Innovation East, we can…

–  support your commercial journey into the NHS

–  connect you with key decision makers in the NHS

– develop your innovation value propositions to increase funding opportunities

– introduce you to a wide range of connected stakeholders to understand and navigate NHS implementation barriers

–  connect you to global commercial export opportunities through our network of government partners

If you would like to find out more about international opportunities, please contact us.

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