Person holds their phone in one had and a tool to breathe into in the other hand 30th January, 2024

A transformative remote monitoring journey

Ian’s 25-year struggle with asthma, which intensified over the last five years, serves as a reminder of the need for patient-focused care.

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Lady speaking to doctor via phone with remote monitoring equipment 24th January, 2024

Leveraging the power of remote monitoring

In the evolving landscape of healthcare innovation, the integration of patient experiences in the design of remote health-monitoring technol

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Lady stands in kitchen holding a phone with her heart rhythm displaying on the screen 24th January, 2024

Navigating new frontiers

The NHS Insights Prioritisation Programme (NIPP), a joint initiative of the Accelerated Access Collaborative, NHS England and the NIHR Appli

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NHS pathway transformation fund extended 03rd October, 2022

System Transformation Fund (STF) now live for applications

Support for transformation of the lipid management pathway

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