Ideas to Impact podcast: Dr Jason Mellad

We spoke to Dr Jason Mellad from Start Codon about why businesses embracing diversity are setting themselves up for success and he suggested how we could all be more inclusive.

Published: 24th November 2020

The business case for diversity in HealthTech

In this episode we spoke to scientist and entrepreneur Dr Jason Mellad about why businesses embracing diversity are setting themselves up for success. He shared his own experience as an entrepreneur, gave his tips for innovators from different backgrounds pitching to accelerator programmes and suggested ways we could all be more inclusive.

“Historically there’s been a very strong moral argument around diversity and how important as it is to open doors for those who’ve been historically underrepresented in different fields – whether it be ethnic minorities, racial groups or gender… but increasingly it’s been recognized that is also a fundamental good solid business decision to drive diversity because time and time again the metrics have shown that more diverse teams outperform teams that are more homogeneous.”

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Jason is passionate about translating innovative technologies into better patient outcomes. As CEO and co-founder of Start Codon, a Cambridge based accelerator, he aims to identify and recruit the most disruptive healthcare start-ups worldwide, seed fund them and leverage the exceptional resources of the Cambridge cluster to de-risk and drive their success.

You can access the report Jason mentions here: Diversity wins: How inclusion matters by McKinsey.

Our diversity pledges

Diversity isn’t a box to check, it is a strength to build upon which makes us better. Read about the AHSN Network diversity pledges to ensure that the transformation of our health service reduces and doesn’t widen health inequalities.

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