Health Innovation East impact review 2021/22

Read how we have turned great ideas into positive impact throughout 2021/22

Published: 21st June 2022

Health Innovation East has published its impact review for 2021-22. The review shares some of the impact we are particularly proud of from the last year, delivered in partnership with the health and care innovation community in the East of England and beyond.

The review features many of our partners to tell the story behind the impact. Topics include:

  • Addressing health inequalities
  • Supporting system capacity
  • Our role in transforming health systems and improving population health
  • Tackling cardiovascular disease
  • Diagnosing cancer earlier
  • Improving mental health for both children and young people and those suffering from persistent depression.

It also evidences how we have supported innovators to navigate the healthcare system, access funding and grow their businesses.

You can download a print-at-home PDF version here.

Health Innovation East impact review 2021-22 front cover
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