Clinical community driven resource boosted by government grant

The AI-powered platform enables clinicians to ask any question about COVID-19 and seamlessly and instantly get a response curated by clinical community.

Published: 09th June 2020 have been awarded a UK government grant (£40,000) to further develop their not-for-profit AI-powered platform to provide NHS with free and fast access to official guidelines and best practice – initially and most urgently to treat COVID-19.

The AI-powered platform enables clinicians to ask any question about COVID-19 and seamlessly and instantly get a response curated by a clinical community so that NHS staff can learn from each other about how to care for patients and introduce innovations. All content comes from sources with a high level of evidence, including national and local guidelines in addition to systematic reviews. Unlike most other search engines, which redirect you to a link or a PDF document, will find the exact sentence or paragraph that answers your clinical question. For questions that are currently unanswered, the team is constantly adding additional content. The more people use the platform, the more content it will include and the faster and better the search algorithm gets.

Health Innovation East has partnered with by drawing on our network to provide valuable clinical input and support development of the platform so that a beta version could be launched at speed to help the NHS treat COVID-19.

The idea was developed by a Cambridge University and Accelerate Cambridge masters graduate and borne out of the need for clinicians working outside of their speciality area to quickly access the very latest information about treating COVID-19 and share best practices to support patient care quickly. It is available to anyone working in the health or care sectors and whilst the current focus is to meet needs related to COVID-19, and they have helped answer over 600 queries to treat COVID-19 patients effectively and safely, the platform will be broadened in the future to answer any day-to-day clinical questions.

Dr. Keith Tsui, CEO and co-founder of, said:

“The idea for this resource came from my personal experience treating patients. I wanted to make it easier and quicker for those working in the NHS to get the information they need and take out the strain of searching through intranet PDFs or calling their seniors at midnight when information is needed urgently.

“The beta version of our platform has been fast tracked to support the NHS with the latest evidence and official guidance to support clinicians on the frontline treating patients with COVID-19. We are very grateful for funding that have made the beta launch possible to help the NHS and encourage professions to use the platform and give us feedback so we can ensure this resource meets clinical needs now and in the future.”

Jag Ahluwalia, Chief Clinical Officer at Health Innovation East, said:

“This innovation has been developed by clinicians for clinicians and has patient care at its heart. Doctors and other health and care professionals need access to the latest and best possible information quickly to give our patients the best care and this can be especially challenging with a new disease like COVID-19 and the rapidly changing evidence base. convenes an incredibly powerful community with validated guidance to help NHS health and care teams as they meet the challenge of looking after people affected by this virus.” is proudly supported by Mindwave Ventures, Panacea Star, Accelerate Cambridge, Health Innovation East, DigitalHealth.London, MedTech Foundation, and EIT Health. has also been selected to join the Wayra UK Novartis UK HealthHub 2020, supporting HealthTech start-ups who are able to accelerate and scale digital health solutions that will support the NHS to deal with the medium to long term challenges created by COVID-19.

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