Overcoming obstacles to securing grant funding

Esther Lawrence, Senior Business Development Manager, TBAT, uncovers the tools for success when applying for grant funding.

Published: 27th June 2023

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, staying at the forefront of innovation is crucial for your success. Companies are constantly searching for ways to fund ground-breaking research and development (R&D) projects while maximising financial returns.

Accessing grant funding opportunities comes with many challenges for innovators but they also enable vital growth and allow for planning into a more secure future. Overcoming barriers such as understanding where to begin, what you need to consider and how to best write your application can set you up for success.

Applying for grant funding

Knowing how to write your grant funding application is the most important part of applying for innovation funding. Many competitions have success rates  below 10%; therefore, your application needs to stand-out, showcase your innovation and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise, all within tight word-limits. By crafting compelling grant applications that align with the objectives and criteria set by funding bodies, you can significantly enhance the chances of success.

Before applying for R&D grant funding, it is essential to consider several key factors to increase your chances of a good outcome, including:

–        Eligibility Criteria

–        Alignment with Grant Objectives

–        Project Viability and Innovation

–        Project Planning and Budgeting

–        Grant Application Process and Support

–        Collaboration Opportunities

–        Grant Compliance and Reporting

Writing a compelling application

You could have the most pioneering, outstanding project but if you don’t portray it accurately and in the right way, grant funders won’t realise the potential in investing in your project.

Employing a few tips of these tips can make all the difference:


– Allow plenty of time: writing a strong application takes time and cannot be rushed. By giving yourself plenty of time you can ensure you have pulled the necessary information and resources needed to complete a winning application.


– Choose funder and scheme carefully: ensure you are eligible for the grant and understand the requirements. If you’re not the right fit, then it is unlikely you will be successful. If you do meet the requirements, it is important to demonstrate how you meet the criteria.


– Consider your audience: by recognising your audience you can tailor your application to help it stand out. Think about tone, what they will be looking for and how you can meet their needs.


– Tell a compelling story and consider impact: writing a compelling story will motivate your funders to invest by allowing them to understand the impact their grant will make.


– Include supporting materials – by including key documentations such as a detailed budget you can add weight and value to your application.


– Do final checks – carefully proof-read your application to make sure it is formatted consistently and is free from typos and grammatical errors. These may seem like little things but they can make the difference as to whether you are successful or not.

Applying for grant funding can seem daunting but with practice, and reaching out for support when needed, you can be successful.

About the author

Esther Lawrence - Senior Business Development Manager

Esther joined TBAT in 2021 and has spent over 20 years working within IT and electronics manufacturing and distribution helping to take products and services to market.  She now utilises those skills to help start-up and scale-up companies at the start of their journey gain funding through R&D innovation grants and incentives to develop and innovate their new technologies and services.

About TBAT

TBAT Innovation is a leading consultancy firm, with over 20 years’ experience, we work with technology companies undertaking research and development all over the UK. We specialise in securing grants and optimising R&D tax incentives to support businesses in their innovation journey.

With our grants team connecting businesses with the most relevant funding opportunities and our R&D tax team maximising financial returns through tax incentives, TBAT empower organisations to pursue their innovative ideas and projects.

The Insights to Impact Masterclass: grant funding and tax relief, will be taking place on 4 July 2023. During the masterclass, TBAT will cover:

– Knowledge of current Grant Funding opportunities

– How to apply for Funding

– Writing successful funding applications

– Claiming R&D Tax Relief

– Upcoming Legislation Changes


Sign up here to learn from Esther in the masterclass. Esther will also be available to webinar attendees for 1-to-1 appointments to discuss funding for their projects following the webinar.

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