EMOP training films – How to use PharmOutcomes

A series of training films to support community pharmacists using PharmOutcomes with hospital medication referrals as part of the Electronic Medicines Optimisation Pathway (EMOP), AKA TCAM.

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EMOP will give pharmacists an extra tool to provide continuous and safe patient care. It will create a bridge for community pharmacists to work closely with GP practices, to ensure that patients receive the additional medication support and advice needed, leading to beneficial and healthy outcomes

Jayshree Gulabivala - Clinical Pharmacist, Potterells Medical Centre Pharmacy Manager, Hatfield

Please note that due to hospital systems and agreements in your area, the videos and guidance on this page may show a variation from how information is transferred and collected for your service. Please contact your local local pharmaceutical committee (LPC) for further information.

Learn more through the film resources below

Click to watch the training films on using the PharmOutcomes website interface to make a hospital referral to community.

Community Pharmacy

This video is a representation of the community pharmacists view on PharmOutcomes. Your view may differ slightly dependent on which trust the referral has come from. For exact details please speak to your local LPC lead.





Hospital Pharmacy

The videos below are a representation of the Trust view. These may differ from your Trusts view. For further details speak to your local trust lead for exact details.





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