Hydration at Home toolkit

Hydration training – the healthcare E-learning module developed by Health Innovation Wessex for community carers of any role or level.

Health Innovation Wessex has worked in collaboration with Hampshire County Council to produce the Hydration at Home Toolkit, which includes an E-learning module.

This basic hydration e-learning module is for community carers of any role or level (including care homes, domiciliary care workers, unpaid carers and volunteers). The module provides a basic overview of the hydration needs specifically for older people and how you can support people to drink more. It also aims to dispel common myths, such as why using urine colour or skin turgor (pinch test) are NOT suitable for older people.
The module is hosted via Health Education England’s electronic learning for health (e-lfh) portal, which went live on 21st September 2020. It is also hosted on Hampshire County Council’s learning portal, which is accessible for their internal staff. Longer term, the module will be ‘owned’ by the Malnutrition Task Force who will help facilitate any future updates required to the content.
The e-learning module has the following features:
  • Developed for Split into four sections: 1) Define good and poor hydration and explain their impact, 2) Assess a person’s hydration needs to minimise the risk of poor hydration, 3) Address a person’s hydration needs to improve their health and wellbeing, 4) Assessment
  • Takes approx. 40 mins to complete
  • Includes an assessment at the end where you can test your knowledge and obtain a certificate
  • Can be accessed via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Grandad’s Story

A 4-minute video showing how easy it is for an older person to get dehydrated and simple steps to provide support. The video shows an older gentleman (Fred) who receives care at home by his carer (Deepa). It is told from the perspective of Fred’s granddaughter.

Access the resource now

Find out more and access the Hydration at Home toolkit now on Health Innovation Wessex’s website.

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