Patient engagement toolkit

How do you effectively involve patients in service design? Find out in our toolkit.

Planning for patient and public involvement

Patient engagement refers to any activity where the knowledge and experience of an individual is drawn
upon to influence and shape the work of an organisation.

Citizens with lived experience are committed to working collaboratively with the system to shape and influence how health and care is delivered. It makes sense that the only way to ensure that our NHS meets everyone’s needs, is to involve people who use the services and gather different perspectives, especially those who are living with a long-term health condition, disabled people and family/carers.

  • How do you do strategic co-production?
  • How do you measure effective PPI?
  • What is the ladder of participation?

This toolkit gives guidance to innovators, project managers and health professionals who want to learn more about sourcing and engaging effective patient and public involvement (PPI) in strategic coproduction.

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