Person in grey jumper holding their phone 05th May, 2023

Funding awarded to support the development of digital menopause support programme

With support from Health Innovation East, Cambridge-based innovator Lumino has been awarded funding from Bayer Health to develop their digital menopausal support programme, Seren.

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Green sprouting plant 28th April, 2023

Empowering clinicians to kick off their innovation journey

Working with Judge Business School to support clinical and allied health professional innovators

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Clinician with a patient taking their blood pressure 18th April, 2023

How much does the general public know about their blood pressure?

Katherine Cummergen, Senior Advisor, shares what we learned from a survey of over 700 people about blood pressure optimisation

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DNA in genomic research 17th April, 2023

Gut reaction

Combining trusted research environments to enable the development of better, more personalised treatments

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Thermometer held in front of pharmacy fridge 13th April, 2023

Trial of green technology in primary care launched

Using innovative insulation to improve energy efficiency and reduce wastage in medical fridges

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Waiting room clinic management 08th March, 2023

Managing clinics more efficiently with DASHclinic

Using a digital tool to manage queues and patient flows in a hospital setting

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