Design approaches tools 13th November, 2023

Design Approaches to Improve Healthcare and Address Inequalities

Dr Laura Wareing, design researcher from Lancaster Medical School shared her work on the use of design approaches in health research projects with Health Innovation East. Laura shares some key insights and recommendations.

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13th October, 2023

How digital health tech can help tackle health inequalities – my experience as a nurse in a clinic for the homeless

Are digital technologies the solution to breaking down health inequalities? Michelle Wilkinson, advanced nurse practitioner at Beacon House Ministries, gives an insight from her experience using the SiSU Health station™.

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11th October, 2023

We’ve changed our name!

Health Innovation East is the new name for Eastern AHSN from 1 October 2023.

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25th September, 2023

Tackling anxiety in children at home

Lumi Nova, a therapeutic digital intervention, is helping children to tackle their anxiety from home.

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13th September, 2023

Improving cold chain with BioPCM®- platform based Apollo™ Smart Panels

Real-world testing of phase change materials to help reduce cold chain breaches in primary care refrigeration

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Lady in helmet holds onto handles of bike. Her cycling jacket is slightly open to show the CUE1 device placed on the centre of her chest. 18th August, 2023

Wearable tech device easing the symptoms of Parkinson’s

CUE1, a non-invasive, wearable device is helping to ‘bring back the smiles of people with Parkinson’s’.

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