Joint working agreements and transfers of value

We work with other organisations to make sure health and social care services have access to the latest innovations to improve patient care and enable efficiencies.

A joint working agreement (JWA) provides a common reference point which formalises this collaborative relationship, the responsibilities and boundaries for each partner.

Our current joint working agreements and transfers of value (ToVs)

The information below outlines joint working agreements and transfers of value between Health Innovation East and commercial organisations in support of programmes of work that aim to improve the health and care system in the East of England.

Organisations involved Programme or activity Start date End date Monetary or in-kind value Summary of benefit
Health Innovation East and Bayer PLC (UK) Staff secondment (Healthcare Partnership Manager – one day per week) April 2020 April 2023 In-kind value: one day per week – Healthcare Partnership Manager at Bayer PLC (UK) Supporting the work of teams across Health Innovation East.
Health Innovation East, Janssen-Cilag Limited, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) and National Institute for Health and Care Research: Applied Research Collaboration – East of England (NIHR ARC) ‘i-VALiD: informing values-based practice in persistent depression’ July 2020 Dec 2022 £105,978

Grant – medical educational goods and services (MEGS)

Grant funding to support two postdoctoral posts to conduct clinical and health economic evaluation of patients with persistent depression across CPFT. To build an evidence base for service redesign in mental health.
Health Innovation East and AstraZeneca UK Ltd. ‘Multimorbid patient care optimisation across the East of England’ February 2021 End April 2023 £139,625 from AstraZeneca (matched by Health Innovation East) Development and provision of educational content including – the time and contribution of a medical writer, educator and a project manager. Analysis of real-world evidence. The oversight of a senior team on a joint steering committee.
Health Innovation East, Amicus Therapeutics UK Ltd., BioMarin (U.K.) Limited, Sanofi UK, Takeda UK Limited, Royal College of Nursing and Open Health Communications LLP ‘Online educational platform for nurses working in or interested in Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSD)’ May 2021 May 2023 £149,370

Grant – medical educational goods and services (MEGS)

Grant funding to develop an accredited online educational platform for nurses working in the field of Lysosomal Storage Disorders. Supporting the development, project management and content management of a Learning Management System (LMS) by medical communications agency (Open Health). Supporting the accreditation process through the Royal College of Nursing for at least two years.
Health Innovation East and Bayer PLC The Scale-Up Academy  1 November 2022 10 March 2023 £24,000


Scale-Up Academy: Sponsorship of eight (8) places for companies to attend the Scale-Up Academy

Health Innovation East: Enabling innovators to help tackle the healthcare scale-up challenges by overcoming the barriers to commercial success

Bayer: Recognition of programme sponsorship. Professional development opportunity for Bayer staff in support of participating organisations

Health Innovation East and Abbott Staff secondment (Market Access Specialist – two days per month) Jan 2023 Dec 2023 In-kind value: Two days per month – Market Access Specialist Abbott Diabetes Care Supporting the work of teams across Health Innovation East.
Health Innovation East and Amgen Limited Advisor at a Market Access advisory board meeting 20 June 2023 20 June 2023 £896 (excluding VAT) Health Innovation East has been invited to join a virtual advisory board to explore the concept of a value-based approach to optimising the lipid pathway for patients deemed high-risk.
Health Innovation East and Daiichi Sankyo East of England Stroke Forum Annual Conference September 2023 September 2023 £12,578.00 + VAT Daiichi Sankyo are sponsoring a conference for healthcare professionals involved in stroke care.

This meeting has been organised by Health Innovation East and sponsored through funding by Daiichi Sankyo. Daiichi Sankyo has had no involvement in the organisation of the meeting which Health Innovation East is coordinating as hosts of the East of England Stroke Forum

Health Innovation East and Irwin Mitchell East of England Stroke Forum Annual Conference September 2023 September 2023 £2000+ VAT Irwin Mitchell are sponsoring videography at a conference for healthcare professionals involved in stroke care, enabling presentations from keynote speakers to be watched by more clinicians.


CareMonitR enables GP Practices to automate their recall and monitoring activity for patients with long term conditions and standardise care for multimorbidity management. Using intelligent algorithms, the software automatically identifies patients requiring recall and highlights tests required prior to the patient’s review. CareMonitR is a product from CareDoctR.

Detecting and monitoring for signs of poor esophageal health

Cytosponge is a tool to detect Barrett’s Oesophagus – a precursor to oesophageal cancer – which is minimally invasive and can be used in primary care. Using Cytosponge a patient swallows a capsule, about the size of a multi-vitamin pill, which is attached to a cord. When swallowed, the capsule dissolves to release a sponge. The sponge can then be removed by a nurse a few minutes later collecting cells along its passage. These cells are then tested in the laboratory using an accurate method developed by the Fitzgerald Laboratory.

Health Innovation East is looking at how to support the use of Cytosponge in primary care across the region.


C2-Ai is an impact enhanced risk analysis tool which aims to help healthcare services manage waiting lists by triaging patients for elective care using key indicators related to efficiency and patient outcomes. This will also be used to develop other AI-based approaches to support the NHS recovery.


DASHclinic is a clinic queue management tool designed to optimise patient flow in outpatients services. It aims to improve healthcare for both patients and medical staff by reducing unnecessary waiting and creating time to care. DASHclinic also includes notetaking, task requesting, and performing smart clinical coding. Health Innovation East is funding an evaluation of the tool.

Focus ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

The Focus ADHD programme aims to transform the diagnosis of ADHD across the region. As part of our Focus ADHD programme we use the QbTest which is an objective assessment tool for the assessment of ADHD.
This is a national Health Innovation Network adoption and spread initiative.


Frailty+LD is a tool that is being piloted in the East of England to identify frailty risk sooner among people living with learning disabilities.

Improving diagnosis of eating disorders

Supporting mental health teams to speed up diagnosis and treatment of eating disorders in young people using the First episode Rapid Early intervention for Eating Disorders (FREED) service.

This is a national Health Innovation Network adoption and spread initiative.Â

Improving lives of people with severe asthma

Health Innovation East is supporting the adoption of biologic treatments to reduce the number and severity of exacerbations, hospitalisations and deaths.
This innovation is being supported as part of the Rapid Uptake Products (RUP) programme.

Just One Norfolk is a trusted multimedia educational initiative (e-learning / website, community forum, helpline, confidential chat service for children) available 24/7, empowering Norfolk parents to achieve the optimum health and wellbeing of their children (0-19 years).

Liberate Pro

Liberate Pro is an app that empowers patients to better manage their conditions whilst reduce the number of clinical appointments needed. It allows a clinician to record their consultation with their patient and send it to them with the further guidance to support understanding of how to manage their condition better.

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